We continue to check and search for cars all over the country, so every Ukrainian can pick up own car.

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Why do you need to contact us?

of used cars are sold by resellers
and have hidden defects or overpriced

Determine the real budget for buying a car according to your criteria
We will manage to find a suitable option for sale, contact and go to the review before resellers
Using our own methods, we find out the detailed history of the car
We will check the car thoroughly enough during the on-site examination
We will make photos and video reports on cars in the work. There is an online order status monitoring
We will go with the seller for on board diagnostics to an authorized dealer
Guaranteed to get the best price on the car. We trade reasonably using the results of checks and on board diagnostics
Quickly and safely re-arrange the car and control the deal

Stay at home

Our experts work in 14 regions

Photo and video reports on cars in the work

Online order monitoring

  • Each suitable vehicle is entered into the program with a designated examination time.
  • A detailed checklist for each car
  • High-quality photo and video reports in the cloud
  • Ability to monitor the results of checks online
  • Check order status online

We will check the car

On-site examination




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Selection of cars in Kiev and Ukraine

Motorscout - your reliable partner in searching for cars

Searching for a new car in Kiev and Ukraine by yourself is always a risk, especially if you buy your first vehicle and do not yet know what to pay attention to, what to avoid, what pitfalls will meet along the way. After the purchase, all you wish is to quickly “ride” the car, enjoy the speed and comfort, and not worry about possibly a bad choice.

Statistics show that 8 out of 10 cars have hidden defects, remanufacture marks or other consequences of an accident. One out of ten has problems with the law, 3 out of 5 require urgent financial investments, and 9 out of 10 have modified mileage before selling. It is necessary not only to be extremely attentive and careful, but to have extensive experience working with cars, and also be able to bargain. It is advisable to have on hand the contacts of a reliable partner who is ready to assist in buying a car in Ukraine. So Motor Scout will be there for you! Our professionals work in 16 regions of the country, which means they are ready to search for good cars in Kiev and other Ukrainian cities to buy for you used car in Ukraine (Kiev).

Where should we start on searching for a car?

Before contacting the experts, you should decide which car you are eager to buy. If there is no clear certainty, we can select a car according to the parameters. Indicate what your wishes, preferences, for what purpose you buy a used car in Ukraine, and also what budget you are ready to allocate for this. Is it necessary to search used cars for sale in Kiev, or throughout Ukraine? Selection services from “Motor Scout” include competent consultation - we will tell you whether it is really possible to fulfill the voiced wishes in principle, share our experience with the selected model pros and cons.

It’s difficult for one person, even if he understands cars very well, to keep track of all this information. This is one of the advantages of our company - over the years of working with cars, we have put together a whole database where you can find data on almost all makes and models. Before you bought car in ukraine, you need to clearly know how much fuel will be consumed, what is the price of spare parts, what are the technical specifications, etc.

Next, we will independently examine the database of auto sales announcements, we will be able to choose a car for you according to the parameters specified during the discussion. To do this, our experts meet with the owners of the cars, that sale it, inspect all the details of the vehicle, in particular the body, check it in motion, conduct a thorough diagnosis, and also bring down the price of the car. Yep, it’s possible!

Used Cars for Sale throughout Ukraine

Even if you clearly made up your mind to buy a car in Ukraine, you dream of getting your own personal vehicle, it’s rare that a buyer is willing to devote all his time to this matter.

Therefore, often cars are bought in their own city. And it’s great if it’s Kiev - but in smaller cities and the choice is appropriate. But there are also reverse situations when in the capital the owner of the car requires jaw-dropping price, and in the regions, you have an opportunity to find a better and cheaper option.

Motor Scout experts work all over the country and are ready to provide expert assistance in choosing a car, regardless of where you are. Maybe, you didn’t suspect that a dream car is waiting for you in Kherson or Lutsk!

A few more other benefits of working with us:

  • response speed - all affordable cars are sold very quickly as far as there are much more willing people than offers. To find such a car yourself, you have to spend days looking at the ads, which is quite tiring. But there are still difficult stages of evaluating the selected options. Our experts work quickly, instantly record new ads for sales and call up sellers;
  • communication skills with sellers - it’s easy to have a dialogue with resellers, because their task is to get more money from the car sale, and they train on clients daily. But actually car owner rarely sells cars (especially, of the same make or so), so some information has to be pulled out painstakingly. What kind of questions to ask and what to pay attention to – all these the “Motor Scout” specialists know;
  • car examination - in other cities it’s not just difficult to search for ads, it’s even more difficult to inspect. Today you have to go to Zaporizhzhia, and tomorrow to Rivne. Sure thing, you can ask a friend for such a service, but there are no guarantees here, unlike car selection for an order;
  • legal cleanliness - before paying for the car purchase, it is important to check all the documents to make sure that they are not fake. It’s better to leave this question to professionals.

Our clients' feedback shows that we manage to cope with all of the difficult stages of searching for a car. You will be able to track the process online, get a checklist for each car, and the answers to all your questions. The cost of our services is more than affordable, taking into account how much time you save and so on. What is more, buying a car in Ukraine (Kiev) with masked defects or incorrectly executed documents will subsequently result in a much larger amount. It’s better not to risk it, right?

Motor Scout Experts will help you get the most out of your car purchase!

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