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How is the car registration process?

We issue all cars only through direct re-registration under the sales contract at Service Centers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.
Documents you must have with you:
original passport and personal identification number. If it is an ID card, then a registration statement.
If the car is already registered in Ukraine, the registration fee will be about UAH 1,500 in Kyiv.
In Kyiv, by default, we execute the agreement at the address: TSTC 8046 Stolichne Shosse, 104, Kyiv, 03131 (Central Auto Market) (hyperlink
The optimal time for signing the agreement and obtaining numbers is 1.5-2 hours.

In what currency is a used car paid for?

As a rule, when buying a used car in Ukraine, payment is made in cash at the TSC during registration. By default, the individual seller expects to receive funds in US dollars. Payment in an alternative currency or non-cash method must be agreed in advance.
Often the seller can agree, but on less favorable terms for us.

An exception may be the purchase of a car from a legal entity. For example, at an official dealer or leasing company. In this case, the company issues an invoice in hryvnia, which must be paid through the bank. Depending on the car model, the probability of such a purchase can be up to 10%

If you plan to pay for the car in dollars, it is better to take care of the quality of bills. Starting in 2022, the requirements for banks have become stricter. Sellers often do not want to accept bills with stains, stamps or inscriptions. Banks usually offer to accept them with a fee.
If there is an opportunity, it is better to take extra bills just in case.

Which region’s numbers will I get?

From March 2021, registration numbers in Ukraine will be assigned by place of registration, not by residence, as before. That is, if the car is bought in another city, the state number for the car will be assigned to the region of that city.
If you wish, after buying a car, you can replace the car registration certificate at the Service Center in your city to get the license plates of the region in which you live. The cost of such a procedure is about UAH 700.

To do this, you need to go to the link, select the appropriate operation and register in the electronic queue at the appropriate time.

Then, at the appointed time, go to the Service Center with your passport, TIN and car registration certificate.

How is the purchase of a car in the regions?

In each of the cities of our presence, an expert will conduct a qualified inspection of the car and make a detailed report in Trello. If the #approved car is found in another city, our expert will meet you on the day of registration and accompany the registration to the RSC, where he will arrange everything quickly and safely.

In which cities are we looking for a car?

We pick up cars in 14 cities of Ukraine:
Kyiv, Rivne, Lutsk, Lviv, Vinnytsia, Dnipro, Poltava, Chernivtsi, Kropyvnytskyi, Khmelnytskyi, Odesa, Zhytomyr, Zaporizhzhia, Cherkasy

If we started with a package that doesn’t include the city you want to check the car in, we can switch to an extended package. In this case, the final cost of the service will change.

Where we monitor cars?

The main channel for choosing a car with mileage is private ads.
Open sites auto.ria and OLX.
All other classifieds sites 99% duplicate one of these two.
In addition to private ads, depending on the model, there is a chance to find a car:

▪️ For trade-in dealerships across Ukraine. We work directly with many. We run a Telegram channel with our active orders, in which there are representatives of such large dealer networks as Bohdan Auto, Vidi, Winner, Intercyclon, etc.

▪️ For sale from leasing companies. Cars after operational leasing returned by clients – legal entities.

▪️ At the suggestion of our customers or subscribers. We are often contacted by customers who are selling a car that we picked up a few years ago. Subscribers can also offer us their car or fill out a form on the website.

What guarantees do you provide?

For each order, we conclude a contract that specifies the obligations of the parties, the terms of the order and the order of payments.
In addition, the best guarantee of our competence and integrity is more than 500 real reviews on Facebook and Google with an average score of 5.0 over 7 years of work.

Are there additional costs when buying and registering a car?

If the car already has Ukrainian registration, then the costs for registration will be about UAH 900 + expert research approximately UAH 350.
If the car is not first registered, then the payment of the pension tax in the amount of 3-5% of the car’s value is added to the price. We accompany the agreement and the process of registration of the car until the moment of receiving the certificate of vehicle registration. Our support is included in the price of the service

Can I actively participate in the selection process?

The active participation of the client is only welcomed, because it makes the selection work more effective.
Each order looks like a project: in the operational chat, there is constantly an active discussion of cars in operation at all stages of inspections. All steps are agreed with the customer.
A responsible expert, chat administrator, operations director and company manager are present in each chat with the client.

What is needed to start cooperation?

To start cooperation, it is necessary to draw up a contract and make an advance payment in the amount of 40% of the price of the service. This can be done both at our office in Kyiv and remotely using an electronic signature and transferring the advance payment to the company’s account.

Where can I learn and see how you work?

You can see examples of completed orders on the website in the “Cases” section, and on our social networks FB and Instagram. We teach interesting revelations of fraudulent outbid schemes and insights into working in auto selection in Telegram channel

Is presence required during the car inspection?

Presence during the examination is not mandatory. But if you wish, you can schedule an inspection in the presence of the customer. In any case, after the inspection, a detailed report with photo and video materials, a detailed checklist and conclusions will be available in a separate program.

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